Dispatch collection fee

Dispatch collection fee

Port & DVLogistic VRG THANH PHUOC                                      Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Tram Vang – Thanh Phuoc – Go Dau – Tay Ninh                  Independence – Tu Do – Hanh Phuc hamlet

Number: 15042018
V.V: collection of vehicle wharf fees for entry and exit
Area of ​​Thanh Phuoc Port waters


-Based on the November 25, 2015 Law on Fees and Charges.
-Following the Law on Inland Waterway Traffic on June 15, 2004; Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on inland waterway transport on June 17, 2014.
-Based on the decision of VRG Thanh Phuoc Port Management Board regarding the fee for maintenance and maintenance of VRG Thanh Phuoc Port area and the work of safety protection for waterway vessels to dock and make goods in the region. water belongs to VRG Thanh Phuoc port.

VRG Thanh Phuoc Port and Logistics Joint Stock Company thanks the cooperation of the owners of vehicles to enter the waters of VRG Thanh Phuoc Port (the waters of Thanh Phuoc Port including the Main Harbor area, the temporary wharf area Hung Minh Company, Hung Phi, Thuan Hai Company) are handling cargo.
Starting on April 15, 2018 VRG Thanh Phuoc Port will proceed to collect wharf fees for all vehicles entering and leaving the area of ​​water areas under VRG Thanh Phuoc Port.
Collection rates are as follows:



Vehicle weighting Collection / Turnover
1 Less than 500 tons 60,000 VND
2 From 500 tons to less than 1000 tons 120,000 VND
3 From 1000 tons to under 1500 tons 180,000 VND
4 From 1500 tons to 2000 tons 220,000 VND
5 Over 2000 tons 250,000 VND


Thank you very much and look forward to receiving the cooperation of vehicle owners.

Tay Ninh, April 1, 2018.

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